Mission Statement:

 To inform the general public and policy makers about the benefits of maintaining family and community bonds.
 To protect children from loss and separation.
 To prevent the suffering of one generation from becoming a new generation of social dysfunction and violence.
 To use the latest attachment research to guide our efforts to inform and propose practical ways of preserving our family and community relationships.

Upcoming Events:

Building Attachments in Communities.
Two day Symposium

August 24/25 2005 - Newhampton Centre, Dunkley St, Wolverhampton WV1 4AN
(Centre Phone number: 01902 572284) ... More >>

Guided Family History
Writing the Story of Your Family

What are our ancestral models for family ... More >>

Guided Autobiography
One day Training Event

September 2, 2005 Newhampton Centre, Dunkley St, Wolverhampton WV1 4AN
(Centre Phone number: 01902 572284)

Attachment Theory Opens The Door

Attachment Theory had its cultural and historic roots in the advocacy for better treatment of children in the post-WWII Europe when thousands of children were uprooted. In ... More >>

Nuturing the Infant

Should infants be expected to sleep through the night? Are they biologically prepared to sleep in a ... More >>

Sibling Attachment

Attachment Theory was born from the terrible disruptions to children and their families caused by World War II. The British government asked Dr John Bowlby ... More >>

Divorce and Custody Issues

Most of us experience qualitative differences in our feeling and activity states during the daylight as compared with nighttime hours. Aloneness during the dark feels more stressful then it does in the morning or more >>

Teen Corner

Young people need to talk, be heard and feel safe to ask questions and discuss values ... more >>

Other Issues

New Settings to promote Social Advocacy ... more >>

Attachment Parenting Interventions ... more >>