LA Attachment Study Group Members

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Miranda Barone, Ph.D. Attachment research on the transitioning styles of foster youth, mother-infant co-sleeping behaviors and nighttime attachment.

Louise A. Bilman, LCSW. Senior attachment therapist who mentors and supervises psychology interns working with incarcerated adolescents. She is an advocate for social policy change regarding the Unsupervised Child. She has been in private practice for over 40 years.

Marci Green, Ph.D. is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Wolverhampton, specializing in the Sociology of Work, social inequalities, and Attachment and Social theory. Her past publications have been on political economy, immigration, race-thinking and national identity. Over the past six years, she has been devoting her time to Attachment Theory and Attachment Therapy, and has recently co-edited and authored, Attachment and Human Survival (Karnac). She is now exploring the public sources of Attachment trauma and the conditions for enabling change.

Lindsay Heller, PsyD. Post-Doctoral Fellow with adolescent boys who have experienced trauma. Her research, Best Match is looking at temperament as it relates to successful foster care placement.

Beatrice Daccardi, Ph.D. Psychologist and psychoanalyst using a treatment model combining attachment, family systems, and psychoanalytic theories.

Mary T. Dousette, Ph.D. Officer of the American Counseling Association and examiner for the Board of Behavioral Sciences and a Certified Family Law Mediator. She has been in private practice for more than fifteen years.

Isabelle Fox, Ph.D. Author of Being There: The Benefits of a Stay at Home Parent and Growing Up: and most recently Attachment Parenting from Kindergarten to College. Board member of Attachment Parenting International.

Peter Marris has taught urban planning in major universities throughout the country and is currently at Yale University. His publications include The Politics of Uncertainty: Attachment in Public and Private Life; Meaning and Action; Loss and Change; and Dilemmas of Social Reform (with Martin Rein). A recent Monograph, Witnesses, Engineers and Storytellers, Using Research for Social Policy and Community Action, reflects on his experience as a researcher in policy and social action.

Robin Mintzer, Ph.D. Attachment research with older adults. She has worked at the Center for Aging, University of California Los Angeles and the Autobiographical Studies Center, California State University, Fullerton.

Barbara Nicholson, M.Ed. Founder and President of the Board of Directors of Attachment Parenting International which is a grassroots organization educating and supporting parents to raise loving, empathic children in order to strengthen families and prevent violence.

Lysa Parker, M.S. Founder and Executive Director of Attachment Parenting International which is a grassroots organization educating and supporting parents to raise loving, empathic children in order to strengthen families and prevent violence.

Pat Sable Ph.D. Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California School of social work and co-chair of the West Coast International Attachment Network. Author of Attachment and Adult Psychotherapy.

Nikolaos Stepfanidis, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Southern California Medical School and Faculty at the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. He has worked with high-risk youth including runaway and homeless teens at Children's Hospital, Los Angeles for over 20 years.

Diana Taylor, Ph.D. was faculty at California State University Northridge and has published an lectured on the application of Attachment Theory for 20 years. She presented her research on Loneliness and Attachment at the Tavistock Insitute. Dr Taylor has been a member of the Attachment Study Group since its inception in 1978 and was a member of the advisory committee for the Autobiographical Studies Center at UCLA. She is currently doing research on attachment needs of older adults. DR.Taylor is a clinical psychologist and has been in private practice in West Los Angeles for over 25 years.