Other Attachment Issues

New Settings to promote Social Advocacy Attachment Interventions:

Parents Without Partners, Family Law Classes, Maternity Leave-Caretaker Leave, Head Start, Homebound Elderly, and Caretaker Organizations

Attachment Parenting Interventions:

Co-sleeping, Attachment parenting International, Infant Massage, Newborn Attachment, Adoption, Grand-parenting Attachment -sensitive childcare, Interventions in Brief Separations

Attachment Interventions with Divorcing Families:

Custody Issues (Night time and Daytime Separations\; Attachment-Sensitive Custody Evaluations), Attachment Disruption in Divorce, Developmental Considerations

Attachment Interventions In Education:

Dealing with Loss, Outreach to High Risk Youth, Twin Attachment, Attachment Distress & Boys, Length of Day, Cross cultural issues

Attachment Intervention in Life Transitions:

School Disruptions, Adolescence, Retirement , Widowhood, Empty Nest Adult Children in the home, Moves, Immigration, Chronic Illness

Attachment Interventions in Psychotherapy:

Therapeutic frame, Using primary and secondary Attachments in treatment, Leaves of Absences, Threats of Separation, Attachment History, Attachment Resilience (gender, temperament, Hardiness Scale) Fear Reponses, Friendships (bond, loss)

Video Presentations as Attachment Interventions:

Primis & Newborns, Homeless Teens, Older Adults, Couples (Beatrice Beebe)

Creating New Attachments and Autobiographies for the Elderly