Symposium Themes and Issues

There are several themes and issues that will inform our work during the Symposium. We have formulated these as questions for reflection and guidance.

  Why do Attachment relationships matter, and for whom?
 What are the conditions and consequences of Secure and Insecure Attachments?
 What is the importance of unwanted separation and loss to our emotional health and well being?
 How do we address the emotional aftermath of loss?

What gets in the way of our supporting Attachment relationships in communities?

 Lack of understanding?
 Lack of knowledge of Attachment-sensitive interventions?
 Personal experiences of our own?

 How can we demonstrate the importance of Attachments in enabling social change?
 What inhibits institutional change? What makes change possible?
 How can we think differently about our decisions regarding the needs of children? Young adults? Older adults?

More particularly, How can we attend to the family's attachment needs in divorce?

 How can we facilitate cooperative parenting in broken families? What are the options available in foster care?
 How does the unsupervised child put communities at risk?
 What are the personal sources of public violence? What might we do toward violence prevention?
 How do political crises create personal suffering? What kinds of losses are sustained by people seeking asylum and refuge?
 How visible and understood, are the Attachment needs of adults of all ages?
 How do we enable change? What are there Attachment-sensitive tools that we can use?
 What are there conflicts between, what people need and what our institutions require of us?